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We are independent and not a big company, and we try to transmit the real Portuguese feeling and culture for this reason we can’t use a big red umbrella.
Another company, without any kind of moral/ethical values decided to start their tours on our meeting point and at the same time as we do, they aim to take you from our tour to theirs

make sure you find the right authentic local guide using a Recycled Silver bag with a tram, and join us on the best free walking tour The Lisbon Chill Out Original Free Tour

We apologize for this regrettable situation unfortunately does not depend on us.

From 1st October the tours begin at 10am and at 3pm join us to discover and feel the real Lisbon, with an authentic local friend.

Please Pay attention on the 1st October we will change for the afternoon schedule and the afternoon tour will start at 3:00pm

Lisbon Chill Out Free Tours - discover and feel the real Lisbon, with an authentic local friend and The Original lisbon free walking tour

At this time of the year we recommend to bring something warmer for the afternoon tour will be hot during the day, but after the sunset may be really cold  "Lisbon free walking tour" "free tour lisbon","lisbon free city guide","lisbon free sightseeing tours","free walking tour lissabon"

Lisbon Free Walking tour - Time Table

2 tours (in English) 2023 to 2030:
Every day at:
Winter schedule (From 1st October to 31 March)10Am, and 3:00Pm
Summer schedule (From 1st April to 30 September)10Am, and 4:30Pm!
 ("lisbon sightseeing","lisbon sightseeing tours"
No reservations need *( We don't acept groups bigger than 4please read at the bottom groups need reservation
Just show up (bring water, a snack and good shoes for the 7 hills of Lisbon). For more info. contact 00351 916060768 

All seasons: Spring; Summer; Autumn; Winter
The tour runs in all weather.(Still, If it's stormy and you are a brave enough to come, please contact us at least 2 hour before)

Vueltas Libres en Español: (Tours in Spanish)

De momento suspendido,

Solo tienes que estar en la plaza Luís de Camões unos minutos antes para saludar el guia.

Somo una compañía pequeña y no queremos descaracterizar nuestra cuidad y cultura y os queremos transmitir el verdadero sentimiento Portugués/Lisboeta por eso no tenemos un grande paraguas rojo

Otras compañías empezan sus visitas en nuestro punto de encuentro a la misma hora, para conocer la verdadera Lisboa, te pedimos que te acuerdes de nuestro nombre y imagen de identificacíon y certificate que te unes a nuestra visita.

Pedimos disculpas por esta lamentable situación 
Desafortunadamente no depende de nosotros.

Punto de encuentro Plaza Luis de Camões, busca el guia que lleva un bolsa reciclado con un simbolo amarillo como en la imagen abajo (Lisboa es la ciudad de las 7 colinas, así que prepárate para caminar, trae agua y un bocata).

Be sure to look for the right guides wearing the

Other companies, start their tours our meeting point and at the same time as we do.

make sure you find the right authentic local guide using a Recycled Silverbag with a tram, and join us on the best free walking tour The Lisbon Chill Out Original Free Tour

Our old Bags:

For more information/doubts please contact us - Chilloutlisbon@gmail.com or Mobile number:  00351 916 060 768

*NOTE: If you’re traveling in a large group four or more, than you must pre-register your group (at least 72h in advance) to participate in the FREE TOUR. We reserve the right to deny participation in the FREE TOUR to any participant or group, for any reason.

Lisbon Free Tour - Meeting Point

Meeting point will be at; 
Praça Luís de Camões (Luís de Camões Square)
"The best lisbon city tour"

Just in the heart of city, easy to get, a usual meeting point between friends and where you can start feeling it!

Lissabon free tour
How to get there?

Just show up at Praça Luis de Camões look here google maps, how to get there 


Ver mapa maior

- Baixa-Chiado is one of the main Lisbon metro stop (Blue line with Green line) take the exit direction to Rua do Alecrim, is the Chiado direction.

- Tram nº28 also stops at the square

We will be waiting for you in front of Luís de Camões Statue.

How to recognize our guides?

Don't worry...You will recognize us! but just in case, around meeting time the guide will be at the meeting point with the TRAM Recycled bag.

Our New Recycled Bags... from Garbags
Please pay attention if you really want to join our tours.
Look our photos on FaceBook

Monday 14/03/2016  another company, without any kind of moral/ethical values decided to start their tours on our meeting point and at the same time as we do, they aim to take you from our tour to theirs

make sure you find the right authentic local guide using a 
Recycled Silverbag with a tram, and join us on the best free walking tour The Lisbon Chill Out Original Free Tour

Free Walking Tour Lisbon - What is it?

Lisbon Free Tour is a great way to get to know Lisbon. To do Lisbon justice you really need more days but if you're tight on time this is the best thing. The guides love Lisbon and present it with all their ability. The free tour concept, works on a tips basis so it's always within your budget. This 2h30-3h30 hour English-language free walking tour goes deeper than just introducing the sites: we tell the city’s history, with amazing and interesting stories and legends. We start off in Bairro from where the tour can head everywhere in town!Our guides are different people with different knowledge and points of view and will arrange the best tour WITH you before it starts!,Lisbon guided, tours


ATTENTION: We're independent! any recomendation given during our Free Tour is based on our personal tastes and experience. We don´t take comissions!

The Lisbon Local Guides

The same team, more Chill-Out...

She gave name and ideology to the Lisbon Chill-out Tours project and immidiatly found the FREE tour a SUPER concept totally within what Chill-out tours are doing in Lisbon, and a new level of walking tours started. Tânia is a true backpacker, for whom travel and alternative Arts are priority in life! Very "talkative" you´ll find easy to connect with her.

Believing Portugal can be more than "Codfish" and "Fado" she will show you that "Traditions are not traditional anymore" and life shines down here!

Born and raised in Lisbon, he is laid-back, interested in sharing experiencies, loves history, archeology, legends and urban myths, having knowledge of many unofficial stories and with extreme imagination, he creates his own theories, it's more akin to a having a local good friend show you around their city experience or telling you a tale.

Loves to explore places and know people. He is a backpacker willing for adventure.

His biggest challeng is to find constinously new sensations, new emotions throughout what he does.

In love with Art, especially Literature and Cinema, besides doing the tours also studies Sociology.

Portuguese girl from the amazing city of Lisbon. In loved by her city, it's unique light, it's myths and legends. 
Her passion for plants led her to graduate as a landscape architect.

Now involved in two independent and proactive project's she hopes to keep on growing and learning.

Born in Lisbon somewhere during the eighties. With a diploma in fine-arts and not knowing what to look for, he was able to gather lots of experience selling ice cream for almost his entire carrer.

As a way to find sense in the diversity, one of his favorite task is to write short texts, limited to 150 words or less, resuming a life-time's work, choice or statement, and later on, edit them in the designated places.


The huge passion for politics (and polemics) drove her to study International Relations. Throughout the degree she had some not-so-awesome experiences with some big institutions and in order to keep on moving she became a tour-guide.

Absolutely passionate about what she does, she’s constantly falling in love with Lisbon over and over again.


With a degree in psychology and training he likes to travel in his own city and take his passion with him: PEOPLE! Committed in making them happy, he found a way to do it as a tour guide.

Considers himself an eternal learner that loves history, tales, culture, nature, backpacking, wine…  Oh, and he is also fond of sharing these zests with others! :)


The passion for architecture, art and history drove her to seek some way of transmiting this feeling of wonder for Lisbon and its unique light and colour. With a marsters in architecture and a curious mind for other cultures she likes to explore the city with different eyes every day!


A typical girl from Lisbon, Ana is in Love with her city. If you ask her what you should do in Lisboa, she will tell you the best thing is to walk around the streets, eat sardines and taste the Portuguese wine.

She is an adventurer and loves to travel, but nothing keeps her away from Lisbon for too long. As a tour guide, what she wants the most is to share her love for her city with the travelers that she meets.

She started by studying Computer Science in college, but quickly changed her mind and took a degree in Arts History, since culture is what she is truly passionate about.